Digital Marketing Expert


Internet marketing, web marketing or online through online media and tools like web and mobile …
Design an online advertising campaign on various channels
Analyze online advertising campaigns and find tools to enhance SEO and digital marketing
Social Media Management
Find new ways to sell more
Increasing the importance of producing content suitable for websites
At least 2 years experience in digital marketing and related fields
Understanding Website Analysis and Analysis
Experience searching online
High social relationships
Skill in group work
creativity and innovation
Powerful and hard-working

Digital marketing specialist


Development, management and design of communication layouts such as lectures, newsletters, research articles and brochures.
Planning, development and implementation of national and digital national programs, including online advertising, strategy and website design, social media (Instagram, Telegram, Linkedin), mobile phones and products
Interacting with sales agents marketing communications, as well as public relations, events, retail marketing teams and businesses.
Manage communications digital advertising agencies, day-to-day production, as well as budget and campaign programs.
Owning and maintaining site analysis, benchmarks and campaign reports in deep knowledge of Google Adwords apps.


Bachelor Degree in related fields
1 year digital marketing experience
Understanding Marketing Principles
Provide good skills
Knowledge in key marketing areas (SEO, social media, content marketing, email marketing, PPC and SEM)
It must be able to work under irregular pressure and manage several projects in several business lines.
Promote social presence and support for brands effectively
Skills in the Office program (Word, Excel and PowerPoint)
Skills in English (Writing, Thinking)
Google Translate for Business:Translator ToolkitWebsite Translator

Php programmer


As a PHP developer program, you will design and develop web applications and complex modules for the e-commerce platform. In addition, you optimize your platform for scalability during peak traffic hours. By following the SW quick development methods, you also guarantee the quality of the code and impose best practices by communicating and sharing them with the team members.
Create, implement, and maintain functionality in the main PHP systems (including e-commerce website, operations management and various tools)
Website design and development of web applications in PHP / MySQL
Integration and support of related web applications and hardware
Analyzing customer needs and providing software solutions as part of a team
Analyze, test and solve issues with related software and accessories
Design web services in a variety of languages ​​that communicate with third-party APIs.
Analyze and adapt existing software to meet customer needs
Assist the customer in the development of business processes and policies
Clean writing and fine designing of program codes
How many years of development experience with PHP5 OOP
Good knowledge of front-end languages ​​like javascript, SCSS and HTML
Good knowledge of MySQL database and data structure
Good at reading others code and debugging
Good teamwork and strong communication skills
Must be able to write a PHP unit test of the box error and write good documentation to support the code.
Being able to work in a very complicated environment.
Experience in the e-commerce environment can be an advantage.
Superior English skills complete your profile
He conducted his scientific studies in the field of computer science or the like.
They are active, purpose-oriented, reliable, and structured.

interior designer


– You must have the experience of designing the furniture or office furniture before.

– Visiting projects, preparing required maps, drafting any evaluation, implementation details and required projects.

– Implement and finalize projects according to budget and timing.

– Sales skills and optimal project management.

– Communication and coordination with supervisors and labor colleagues

– Maintaining records and preparing work and time reports


– Bachelor’s degree in Architecture, Interior Architecture, or Industrial Design.

– Awesome skills in Auto cad, 3D Max and MS-office.

– At least 3 years of experience working with similar companies.

– Skills in social relationships.

– Expert in Photoshop.



• An expert accountant for a permanent position.

• We provide a good pay-per-work environment.

• Hours of office hours 07:00 – 04:30 pm.


• Accountant specialist.

• A good team worker

• Be able to withstand stress.

• Very reliable.

• Has strong memory.

• very precise

• English and / or German free

• Accountant software knowledge

• SAP good knowledge