About us


Considering the quality standards and new technologies in design, decoration, execution and branding, Tarla Studio has successfully accompanied and presented services to high standard local and international companies during its nearly two decades of activities.

Our Vision, Mission and Beliefs:

Our vision has simply been to create a unique customer experience and high quality services. To preserve such vision, a creative team of experts accompany Tarla Studio. With modern standards and constant controlling of quality of work process, Tarla Studio has strongly tried to go green and be Eco-friendly.

The mission of Tarla Studio is to provide professional Branding & Marketing services to non-Iranian individuals and companies active or planed to start bussiness in Iran. The modern standards and high quality of services and products by the creative and up to date pro-team has made this mission possible.

Tarla Design:

Fields of activities of Tarla Media & Design contains design and implementation of  interior decoration of residential and non-residential areas, buildings and shops and design, implementation and installation of exhibition booths.

Tarla Studio has always tried to incorporate its works and objectives with modern principles, and, if necessary, with a close look at the culture and arts of traditional Iranian architecture. 

Interior decoration

The interior design of Royal Dutch Shell office in Iran (Ettela’at newspaper building) Sadid Company’s office, Mercedes Benz sales department in Esfahan ( Vanoni Center) and design, execution and project management of Laleh Hospital’s lobby, clinics and administrative offices are some of outstanding projects Tarla Design & Media has managed in this field.

Shopping Decoration

The manager of Tarla Design & Media has accompanied and cooperated with Iran Trading Company as advertising manager for more than 8 years ( More…). As a result, project managing and designof the stores and showrooms for Sony Products, project managing and designing of stores and showrooms for TCL air conditioning products and  project managing and designing of stores and showrooms of HAIER home appliances are among the works successfully executed by one of the founders of Tarla Studio.

The design and execution of Novakom mobile chain stores, the design of Nike Kish chain store in Tehran, Kish Island’s Commercial Center and Tandis Bazar are also among the works handled by Tarla Studio.

Exhibition decoration:

Design and construction of exhibition stands at OMV Company at Tehran, Baku and Turkmen Oil & Gas Exhibition, Design and construction of SHELL Exhibit Show at Tehran Oil & Gas Exhibition, Design and Manufacturing of Decor and Exhibition Products Sony (SONY) in Iran, Design and construction of exhibition stands and kiosks of sales and after sales services of Kish telecommunication company (TKC), mobile operator of Kish Island, designing and constructing an exhibition booth of Permayoun building retrofitting company

Tarla media:

The founders of the “Tarla Media Project” Company since 1370 in the field of producing industrial, documentary, advertising, exhibition and educational films, using the software of production of three-dimensional spaces and non-linear assembly, on the one hand, and from the beginning of 1997, at the beginning The inclusive Internet entry into the country, the design and programming of the site and multimedia on its agenda, and for this reason, has an acceptable record.

Making Architectural Films:

The founders of ” Tarla Studios , as the pioneer in the use of 3D software in Iran, have recorded the animations of the Tehran shopping center and Pardis 2 Kish in their work.

Making promotional teaser:

Promotional teasers of the National Bank of Iran (National Bank of Iran National Bank and the new services of the National Bank of Iran), Promotional teasers of Sanam products (TV, vacuum cleaner, …) Teakers for health products (Cream toothpaste, Cream Gi, Shampoo Latifa) LG promotional teaser, LG promotional teaser, salt dumplings and Jelly Minoo, Bhutan water heater teaser, Reef Bank promotional teaser, Asia insurance promotional teaser …

Producing industrial films, documentaries, exhibitions and educational materials:

The production of educational films and exhibitions “Karkheh Dam Diversion System”, “Water Supply of Kish Island”, and “Water Supply of Kerman” by the company Abniro, the production of exhibition films – is the company of his company “Oriental eagle”, Omv’s Gloal Activity, And presentation of Kish Telecommunication Company (TKC) Exhibition Exhibition Company.