Design and Construction of Exhibition Stands at FIDEC Company

FIDEC exhibition stand at Tehran Oil and Gas Exhibition was designed and executed by Tarla Design Media . The said design was done in a modular approach, so that the customer would be able to use the elements later in more business fairs.

FIDEC stand by Tarla Design Media- Tarla Studio at Tehran International Oil and Gas Exhibition

Prefabricated walls make it easier and quicker to install, and providing the correct transportation, it would be unnecessary for client to build walls for future exhibitions.

Wall painting after the wall modules are tied together by screws and nuts

and, there it is an integrated wall

Wall modules with dimensions of 0.9 * 3.66 m²

The counter was inspired by the companies’ logo, and it was designed at the discretion of graphic designers by designer architects.

Three Dimensional design of FIDEC exhibition stand by Tarla Studio for Tehran International Oil and Gas Exhibition

FIDEC could introduce its activities by a 3 minute motion graphic video produced by Tarla Studio. A big screen LED provided FIDEC with the ability to broadcast the video and have a better interaction with its audience.

Motion graphic video produced By Tarla Design Media was displayed on a video wall at Tehran International Oil and Gas Exhibition

Exhibition Videos

Built-in elements for Tehran International oil and Gas Exhibition was reused again in a congress held at IRIB’s auditorium. 

Three Dimensional design of FIDEC booth by Tarla Studio for IRIB’s International Congress

The executed design of FIDEC booth by Tarla Studio, with extra aluminum system in IRIB’s International Congress