Design, Making and Execution of Liokian Holdings Exhibition Booth

Design, making and execution of Liokian holdings’ exhibition booth, and also the motion graphic video played there during exhibition was accomplished by the founders of Tarla Media Design.

Perspective Design of Liokian Holding’s Exhibition Booth

This booth was designed and made as a double deck. A stand and a TV screen was specified to each of the subsidiary companies and the TV screens were used as animated posters.

Stand Design of Liokian Holding’s Exhibition Booth

The top deck was designed for two CIP seats and one VIP seat, and a small conference room wad designed on the ground level.

Perspective layout of Liokian Holding’s Exhibition Booth arrangements???

The metal structure was executed using 3-ply board.

Liokian Holding’s Exhibition Booth

In the motion graphic video made by Tarla Design Media, in the allocated time of 30 seconds for each Liokian subsidiary company, all the activities of their holding were introduced.