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A Guide To Choosing Ceramic Tiles

Variety of options makes choosing the right kind of ceramic tiles really difficult.

To create your favorite personalized space, There are a lot of available options. Ceramic tiles come in a variety of colors and styles, but tile sizes and shapes are also quite varied. Even spacing between tiles and the grout color can change the final look of your flooring base. However, when choosing ceramic tiles, we need to know that the tile chosen is suitable for the environment, where it will be in use. Here there are some recommendations for making the right choice of tiles.

Considering the type of the environment, the proper tiles need to observe different standards. For example, Tiles with a polished surface are not suitable for slippery floor, or tiles with high water absorption are not right for outer section of buildings.

Here there is a simple guide which is an extracted translation from Alvand Tile and Ceramic website to help you make the best choice.

Alvand Tile

Alvand Tile

Ceramic tiles for kitchen floor and walls

Tiles used in the kitchen floor are at the highest risk of damage or abrasion. Usually, kitchen is considered as a high traffic area. We stand on the kitchen tiles and walk a lot, for example on the path between the sink and oven or the fridge and oven. Also, it is more likely for kitchen floor to get dirty with fat or colorful liquid. Therefore, as it needs to be cleaned regularly, high quality tiles in terms of strength and chemical resistance are recommended.
As there’s high possibility for various objects to drop on floor in the kitchen, or some appliances like refrigerator, oven and washing machine are really heavy, the tiles have to withstand the weight. Therefore, when choosing kitchen tiles, we need to be careful about its strength and chemical resistance.

The tiles used in kitchen wall, however, are under less pressure, but still, they should have high chemical resistance (to acid and high density alkaline) due to exposure to food and detergent contaminants.

Tiles used outside of the building

Due to the fact that the temperature reaches below zero in the cold seasons, we need to choose tiles, which are frost resistant. These tiles are usually made by pressing and are low absorbent. You can choose such tiles among glazed baked tiles, glazed porcelain tiles or even non glazed tiles.

Don’t forget that all specifications are on the carton, including the manufacturer, style, size, grading, tonality, date and tracking number of the production,… Make sure all tiles have the same shade of color and size. And moreover, don’t forget that in order to create a proper tiled surface, you can use help from an experienced proficient installer.

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