10th International Exhibition of Tourism, Hotel and Travel, Kish Island

With its vast area of 1.6 million square kilometers, Iran is among twenty largest countries of the world. Its beautiful nature, climate diversity, great deserts, forests, mountains and seas grant unique opportunity to ecotourism and nature lovers. Mountain ranges, vast deserts, meadows, cascades, lakes or flowing rivers are some of its very exciting tourist spots.

Iranian cultural heritage is also very rich and has made it rank among the top 5 most prominent historic countries.  So, by visiting Iran, culture and history enthusiasts can also visit one of the most ancient countries in the world and enrich their quality travel time.

Kish island with its pristine beauty and nature started an international exhibition of tourism to promote tourist and hotel industry. This year from 27-30 Aug 2018, it holds its 10th round at Kish International Exhibition Center, Kish Island.

For more information you can visit the organizer Rastak Pad Vision Company.


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