The Biggest Horticulture Trade Fair in Iran!

The Biggest Horticulture Trade Fair in Iran


Iran is hosting its 3rd edition of the International Horticulture Trade Fair IGTF, on Apr 19, 2018. The event is held in the Tehran Exhibition Center. Since its start in 2016, it’s the biggest edition of the show ever held in Iran. Horticulture has been considered to be one of the main sectors in Iran. For this reason  the further development of this industry is of great importance.

Over 60 companies from Iran, as well as many international companies from countries such as Turkey, Netherlands, Italy, France, Spain, Germany, India, China and Azerbaijan are attending in the fair. It is also expected to attract many growers, traders and investors from Iran and its surrounding countries.

With its high population of about 80 million people, Iran is a huge market for investors, and offers great business opportunities for international horticulture exporting companies around the world.

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Decoration and Design section of Tarla Studio is assisting Richel Group in this upcoming event. Design and construction of the company’s exhibition stand is managed by Tarla Studio.

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